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New Chief Medical Officer Appointed! [April 6, 2003]

Earlier today the Vencar Medical Center appointed Dr. Adarra Paix to the position of Chief Medical Officer. Doctor Paix brings solid management experience to the position, and looks forward to working to further the VMCs place in the industry. Congratulations CMO Paix.

Our Numbers Grow [March 23, 2003]

A warm welcome to the newest and founding members of the VMC. Doctors Darrhek and Paix and Medic Orthelios now occupy three of the four Medical Officer positions currently available. Once the last officer position is filled, subsequent additions to the center will rank as General Staff.

Vagabonds Rest Committee Appointment [March 13, 2003]

Our own Chief of Staff, Dr. Vencar has proudly accepted an appointment to the Vagabonds Rest committee on Public Safety. Earlier he stated that he feels privileged to serve his community in this capacity and would advocate on behalf of the VMC staff in any way possible within this capacity.