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Links to affiliates of the VMC

This page contains a link to the VMC Forum. as well as links to our affiliates websites. You can also find links to other interesting and informative sites related to Star Wars Galaxies. If you wish to affiliate your company or association with the VMC, please contact us.

Affiliates of the VMC:

Colony of Vagabonds Rest
Welcome to the player colony of Vagabonds Rest. Drop by and if you have not already, register as a colonist and join us in this spectacular community.
The Monastery
The Monastery is a monastic order situated on the Planet of Tatooine.
Corellia University
Corellia University is an institution affiliated with the Vencar Medical Center. They offer courses in a wide area of study and are situated on the planet of Corellia

Informative Sites:

Star Wars Galaxies Official Site
This is the official website for Star Wars Galaxies
Star Wars
This is a very informative non-official SWG site