A Registered business of Vagabonds Rest

...providing outstanding healthcare to the colonists of Vagabonds Rest

The Vencar Medical Center is a subsidiary of the Vencar Corporation. We are a registered business located within the colony of Vagabonds Rest. We are not a Player Association (PA). We are situated on the planet of Rori, nestled in the Naboo star system. We are active on the Starsider server in the MMORPG: Star Wars Galaxies. We at the Vencar Medical Center are a motivated group of medical professionals, working toward the goal of providing outstanding healthcare and medical supplies to the colonists of Vagabonds Rest. Any private citizen, company or association leader of the colony interested, is encouraged to contact the Vencar Medical Center to establish a corporate or private colonist account. We look forward to our role as the healthcare provider of choice within the thriving colony of Vagabonds Rest.

Thank you for showing an interest in the Vencar Medical Center, I wish you good health.

In His Peace,

Dr. Subai Vencar.
Chief of Staff, Vencar Medical Center.
Contact the VMC.

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